Brick Cubicles

Cardiff Council have issued a city-wide notice and required it to be affixed to all site’s in-use brick cubicles, for which they do not receive rent. It is quite bluntly worded, and does not explain all options open to the shed user.

On Pontcanna Permanent Allotments there are many sheds in use, but no rent being paid to the council, therefore the user has no right of use.

If you wish to pay the rent, (approx £28 per annum), then please contact the Parks Department, or Sue Jones the site secretary. Quote your plot number and shed number (all sheds will be numbered within the next few days).

If you do nothing, then as the notice states, from the 20th January 2018 the council have the right to remove your property from the shed and to let it to someone willing to pay rent.

In the opinion of the Committee this notice period is too short, given that it is winter and some people may not even visit their plots during this time. Fortunately, the Council has delegated the practicalities of this work to the PPAA Committee, and we can reassure shed users that no action will be taken before 14th February (a month’s time) at the earliest.

Re the state of some of the sheds, the PPAA committee are currently tendering for their renovation work. Obviously, the cost could mean that the project may have to be spread over a few years.


Cardiff Parks Department (Tel: 029 22330235 / email:

PPAA Site Secretary – Sue Jones email:

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