Bag a Bed!

The PPAA committee is pleased to announce that seven growing beds in the PPAA poly tunnel will be available to plot holders for the 2018 growing season.

Anyone wishing to enter the ballot should hand in a note stating their intention, and include their name and plot number

Or by email:

Ballot Closing Date 30th November 2017

The draw will take place in December and the results posted.

Conditions for entry

1. Entrants must be a plot holder with a valid 2017 tenancy agreement and also be a current member of the PPAA.

2. Only the plot holder named on the plot tenancy may apply, and only one application per plot will be allowed

3. Successful candidates cannot sublet, or transfer, their growing bed to other plot holders.

4. Should a successful candidate cease to be a tenancy holder, or PPAA member, in 2018, then their bed will be reallocated

5. The use of the bed is only for the one growing season. A fresh ballot will be held for 2019

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