Meadow Management – Volunteers welcome!

Tomorrow (Friday 6th October) there is some meadow management taking place on the meadow next to the allotment site (by the gate at the Shop / South end). Rakes will be provided at 10.30am and is being done by residents, volunteers, Keep Wales Tidy and the Rangers.

All welcome to help with the aim of increasing the diversity and success of the wild-flower meadow. This is of great importance, especially as a nearby allotment site, given the essential need for a healthy population of pollinators on site.

1 thought on “Meadow Management – Volunteers welcome!”

  1. Awesome, if I can get there I will. I saw the meadow being mowed today & wondered why, know I now. When left to become overgrown during the summer months it looks wonderful with all the flowers growing wild within. I witnessed a baby weasel playing in the long grass this sumer as I rode past on my cycle. It strayed a little & was attacked by magpies. So I interviewed & shooed the birds away & guided it back into the meadow ~ I posted it on my Instagram page…(#guardiansofnature)

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