Dumping Over the Perimeter Fence

One or more plot holders appear to have decided that the hedge and fence adjoining the spine track would make a good compost heap. To that end, they have dumped a large pile of potato haulms etc, straddling the wire mesh fence and the barbed wire, and at its lowest point too.

The result is that it is now possible for intruders to enter the site simply by walking over this pile, and there’s some evidence that they have been doing just this.

It’s perhaps best if the Committee does not give its opinion on either the IQ or the morality of whoever has done this.

It is in all our interests for this pile to be cleared away as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to illness, holidays etc, there is no spare volunteer effort available among the Committee to clear this.

Those with plots nearest the heap (it is some 50 metres from the shop end gate) would logically be at most risk from intruders, and so it would be good if they could organize themselves to clear the hazard without delay.

Once again we remind plot holders that they are required by their Tenancy Agreement to compost on their plots, or remove from site entirely any green waste. Fly tipping, which is what this amounts to, is in breach of their tenancy agreement.

Dumping on fence

1 thought on “Dumping Over the Perimeter Fence”

  1. Plot holders will perhaps be reassured to know that this security weakness has now been resolved, and the barbed-wire fencing enhanced at that point.

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