Site Security

Understandable exasperation and anger has been expressed repeatedly to Committee members, by plot holders who have been subject to theft or to other ill-doing, quite possibly by intruders onto the site. Unfortunately this seems to be an on-going problem.

We and our predecessors have, over time, taken steps to close breaches in the boundary, and to strengthen weak points with barbed wire etc.

We also greatly appreciate the recent enhanced co-operation by the Community Gardens, in keeping the gates locked, and in escorting their visitors to and from it.

To further this culture of security awareness, we would encourage like-mindedness on everyone’s part.

On Sunday and Wednesday mornings, the shop operators like to keep open the adjacent gate, for customers from other nearby allotments. Since this gate is supervised by them, we trust that security is not unduly affected by this. However, we ask for their understanding, and for that of their customers, in not leaving the other gate at Western Avenue open unattended. That might mean a little more liaison with delivery drivers, etc., but we consider that the benefits for the many are worth this little extra effort by the few.

The next step will be to try to get the co-operation of the manure delivery drivers, to lock the gates between deliveries on that day. Our wood-chip supplier is already cooperating fully in this respect.

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