Woodchip Stockpiles

There has been frustration expressed in the past with respect to the quality of wood chip that was supplied to the site. The committee have reviewed the previous arrangements and agreed that only one supplier, whose wood chip meets allotmenteers needs, is permitted to be supplied to the woodchip stockpiles.

Unfortunately an unauthorised contractor gained access this week and left a load of substandard wood chip. He has now been contacted and informed of our position.

If any allotmenteer wishes to source wood chip from any other contractor they must arrange to meet that contractor at the gate, ensure the wood chip is only tipped onto their plot and then see the contractor offsite.

One thought on “Woodchip Stockpiles

  1. Martin Pasek says:

    This is a busy time of year for clearing, putting down mulches etc., and demand for the wood chip is high, especially as there were no deliveries during the winter, while the large backlog of decomposed material was being cleared by volunteers.

    The recent deliveries from Mike Boyer are quickly consumed therefore. It is possible that even when things settle down, demand might continue to outstrip supply, but we will wait and see.

    If that turns out to be so, then as I explained to Mike, we might need to review the exclusivity of the arrangement with him, and to invite another contractor to deposit their surplus shreddings too.

    However, the position now is far better, than having uncontrolled arrivals of inferior material which piled up unused all over the car parks only to decay.

    The quality of the material will unavoidably be variable. It will be better in winter, when there is generally less green material, and whenever the contractors are not working with evergreens. Mike says that he will try to ensure at least a reasonable mix. Since it is free though, we trust that everyone will understand that.

    Mike has also been asked to distribute evenly to the three stockpiles around the site, now that they are all clear.

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